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Project Scope

Musan Trading Enterprise (MTE) was appointed by the Department of Public Works to install ten lifts to the SAPS Pretoria Central main building and the single quarters.The scope of works involved the following:

  • Decommissioning of the lifts
  • Upgrading of the Lifts Motor rooms and Upgrading of Electrical works to the lifts – lifts distribution boards
  • Installation of new lifts, which comply, with physically challenged people’s needs, fire regulations, and green building standards

Welcome To SAPS Lifts Project

To ensure delivery of the Project on time, within budget and without compromise to quality, MTE undertook proper planning and developed a project specific methodology towards efficient delivery of this project. This involved proper resource leveling, ensuring availability of funds from the Company’s reserves to kick-start the project and preparing an informed cash-flow for the Client. As part of the planning, MTE engaged the manufacturer, visited and inspected various factories where different lift components are obtained by the manufacturer, conducted quality checks, inspected the manufacturing plant and processes and eventually confirmed that the manufacturer conformed to all our requirements as per the specifications provided by the Client.

Decommissioning of the Old Lifts

The following activities were carried out during decommissioning:

  • Stripping of guide rails and lift cart.
  • Taking out old lights to replace with new lights
  • Taking out old wiring
  • Taking out old lift motors and bearings
  • Taking out old steel lift weights
  • Taking out old lift doors
  • Taking out old lift indicators

Upgrading of Motor Rooms

There are five (5) motor rooms for lifts at the SAPS site and the components in these motor rooms had to be removed to make way for the new components that are compatible to the new lifts to be installed. All lift distribution boards (DB’s) also found in the motor room had to be upgraded. The following were completed in the upgrade of the lift distribution boards:

  • Existing distribution boards were stripped and preparation for new DBs was made.
  • Installation of new distribution boards and wiring of installation.
  • Repair of existing light fittings.
  • Installation of main cables from DBs to lift traction hoist motors.
  • Fixing of floor trunking covers inside motor rooms.
  • Installation of emergency light fittings, Labelling of DB’s, Earth conductors to the main DB, testing and issuing of CoC.
  • New shaft lighting in all lift shafts installed.

Installations of New Lifts

The equipment was delivered to suit the storage space available on site and to also follow the work process that would be followed. The lift was then built and then commissioned on low speed. The landing doors, landing buttons, stainless steel finishing at all landing doors including new digital indicators were installed while was at low speed. The lift interior was then finalized and the lift commissioned. Inspections with independent lift engineers/inspector were then arranged and the
results of that would be a snag list (safety and non-safety related, if any) and Annexure A issued by the engineer. All snag list items from inspector and client representatives are then completed and the client representatives inform of the proposed hand-over of the lifts to the client and user-client

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