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Project Scope

Musan Trading Enterprise (MTE) was appointed by the Department of Public Works to do repairs and renovations to buildings for SANDF.

The project included all building works ,scheduled alterations, repairing cracked walls, roof structures repairs and maintenance as well as new installations, carpentry work, flooring. We carried out glazing, ironmongery, plumbing works as well as installing new sanitary fittings.

We also carried out Civil works under this contract through repair work carried out on close to 7kms of roadworks and walkways as well as repairing a malfunctioning storm water drainage system. We also installed a state of the art kitchen, fully equipped with up to date kitchen equipment for the SANDF personnel.


  • Visitors Parking : This involved repair of gravel wearing course of the visitor parking ripping. Distributing and compacting of material was carried out for a levelled finish
  • Walkways: Existing paving blocks were all unpacked to allow for excavation of the existing bedding material which was to be replaced with new bedding material. This was prepared/ stabilized as per the engineer’s specifications. Then followed by the reinstallation o the unpacked paving blocks.
  • Open Area : the main aspect of the civil works which involved the main road network having all its paving blocks unpacked, bulk excavation of road material to specified depths, preparation of all the sub-level road material as per engineer’s specifications
  • Storm water drainage: Repair of existing manholes, the cleaning and clearing of storm water channels.
  • Removing of trees : Cutting down trees on road edges and removing the roots backfilling with imported soil compacted to 93% Mod AASHTO as per the engineer’s specifications
  • Sewer reticulation : Repairs of existing pipelines were carried out ,including the inspection of all sewer pipelines by networks for as built drawings was carried out, also paying attention to the repair of all damaged manholes and inspection chambers
  • Water reticulation: Replacement of high pressure and low pressure water pipes was carried out around the entire site. This is also involved the refurbishment of the main pipeline water valves as well as construction of new valve manholes accompanied with new covers.


  • All existing paving blocks were unpacked and re-installed at corrected levels
  • Bulk excavation was done i.e. ripping of existing subbase to engineers specification to allow for new bedding
  • Road kerbs were removed to allow for new tilt as per engineer’s specification
  • Pegging for the entire road was done after removed of the kerbs
  • Damaged water reticulation pipes which were located under sections of road were also replaced
  • Repair of approximately 7km of internal roads and walk ways


  • Renovation: Taking down and removing roofs, floors panelling ceilings partitions taking out and removing sundry joinery work. Hacking up and removing vinyl floor coverings, carpeting. Hacking up/of and removing granolithic screed plater .tile finishes making good of finishes etc. Hack up/off and removing ceramic wall tile including removing mortar bed or backing and preparing concrete or brick surfaces for new screed. Plaster or tile finishes (elsewhere). Taking out and removing piping, sanitary fittings including disconnecting piping from fittings and making good floor and wall finishes, removing broken glass(making good for new elsewhere. Taking out and removing clear glass to be removing broken mirrors was all carried out as scoped
  • Concrete works : Repair of concrete ceilings by chopping down the plaster along the cracks 100 mm both sides and make 2V opening on the crack, till the cracks with cement mortar 3:1 mix ,fix chicken wire mesh on top complete with plastering cement to match existing
  • Waterproofing : ‘4 mm Thick Derbigum SP’ fully bonded waterproofing guaranteed to remain watertight or period of ten years on concrete roofs
  • Roof covering : Repairs galvanised corrugated iron roof covering, repairs to thatch roof covering, Harvey tiles fixed to flat slope on timber battens (elsewhere measured)
  • Carpentry and joinery: Replacement of meranti skirting,12 x 225 mm facias and barge boards, Semi-solid flush panel doors with Masonite finish and concealed hardwood edges hung to steel frames, wrought meranti doors hung to steel frames


  • Heat pumps: Geysers for bungalows, building 26 and the main building were decommissioned to allow for new water vessels to be installed with 10KW and 20KW heat pumps.
  • Water vessels :1600I and 1400I water vessels were installed at the main building 7 ,800I water vessel was installed at building 26 and 500I water vessel was installed at bungalow 34
  • Fresh air system: New fresh air inlet system was installed in the main building kitchen complete with all accessories and electrical components.
  • Aircon installations: 33 9 000BTU split unit air conditioners were installed in the main building as well as 4 60 000BTU under ceiling and ceiling cassette units and a single 24 000BTU split unit.
  • Weather louvers :23 aluminium weather louvers were installed in the sports hall which involved the cutting of walls for new wall openings for the weather louvers
  • Extraction fan: Extraction fans were installed in all buildings with shower areas.
  • Ceiling fan : Ceiling fans were installed in all living quarters and dining areas without aircon installations

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